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The home made photo booth

15 Dec

It started as so many projects do, with a couple of friends hanging out and chatting over beers down in the basement. The difference in this situation is that the friends (Myself and my friend Brian) were both engaged to marry the women who have now become our wives, and we were both knee deep in the helping our ladies put together the plans for our respective weddings. Continue reading 

A Garage or a brewery?

25 Feb

At Chez Anderyckx we continue to be busy with lots of house projects, but our biggest project of all is finally all but finished.  The question however still remains, is it a garage or a brewery?  We were going for both, but as these pictures indicate it’s become quite the small scale brewery.


Stop by anytime for a taste of Luke’s latest brew, we always have something on tap!

Homemade Christmas Stockings

19 Dec


Last year I got the bug to make sure Luke and I were outfitted with our very first set of Christmas Stockings as a family.  I looked all around but didn’t find anything that was really what I wanted for our mantel.  So of course being the crazy person that I am I decided I’ll make them!

Thus began my first big sewing machine project:


It was actually much easier than expected and I really love how they came out!  Merry Early Christmas to you all!


Happy Halloween!!

31 Oct

We had a wonderful evening celebrating Halloween with a wonderful homemade dinner with friends.  On the menu this year, Jack O’Stuffed Peppers and Monster Mashed Potatoes!  We went for the comfort food again with some fun Halloween twists, two years in a row and I am starting to think this might be a fun tradition!

I love Pie!

16 Jun

In fact I love pie so much that it is not rare for Luke to hear “I love you more than I love pie” as a sentiment from me to let him know how very very very much I love him. :)

It’s no secret that my ultimate favorite of all pies is Strawberry Rhubarb.  Especially if it the main ingredients are straight from the garden!  While I have yet to get more than two strawberries from our 4×3 raised bed that is full of strawberry plants (I guess everyone big or tiny loves them), we have plenty of Rhubarb.

But the base of any good pie is the crust and I really have to give all the credit for the ultimate best ever I could eat it for days pie crust from Smitten Kitchen.  Here is Luke’s amazing handy work with this crust (so beautiful):

So when you need an excuse to make such a wonderful pie and make it share friendly, you make pie cookies!  This is another recipe idea from the wonderful Smitten Kitchen (just can’t get enough I tell you!).

They were a big hit at work and I may have just turned brownie points into pie points! hehe.

Officially a Two Pilot Family!

1 Jun

After months of training and studying Luke finally took the big leap and signed himself up for his checkride.  I surprised him by waiting on the ground when he arrived back with a huge grin on his face (a big hint that he did well).  In fact he did very well, the examiner didn’t even ask to do a debrief with his instructor because she didn’t have much to say!  So with that we are officially a two pilot family! I of course expected nothing less from my man that scored a 100% on his written exam.


It was a fun process for me as I went through this process 6 years ago.  I was able to teach him, he was able to teach me (or remind me) and now we can be each other’s co-pilot.

My parents are pilots themselves and although they didn’t do much while they had 4 rascals running around, Luke’s training has re-energized the family (myself included) with the bug for flying.  We are already talking about taking a mountain flying class together!  Hopefully someday we can track down a photo of my parents flying together to add to this mix.

Who knew that my surprise flight for our 3 year anniversary would have spawned a full-blown pilot less than a year later?!

I’m very proud of you Luke, you did good my dear!

A Garage in progress

26 May

Lot’s of help from friends and hired friends and the results are miraculous. A big thanks to Roger, Justin, and Lucky for the great work they did on bringing it all together.  Here are some pictures of the progress:

Just the beginning...

It's a work in progress

The day we poured concrete resulted in a worker’s party and the bringing together of expertise amongst more friends, including Mr. Overalls himself, Brian.


Where did the time go?

19 May

So I am posting this much later than I would like, but with the many obligations that the holidays bring somehow I found myself way behind on keeping you updated!

This also means that I am going to condense this into a quick photo post of some of the fun things we have done over the past few months and then I am sure I will post more detailed posts of certain events/projects a little later too.  So let’s get started:

Snowboarding with Rach and Ryan:

Luke’s work annual Christmas party:

Monday Night Football:

Jay-Z and Kanye West Concert with Carley and Tony (so much fun!!):

Homemade stockings for J + L + Dylan (the dog):

Christmas in Coeur d’Alene:

Jihan's handmade bird ornament

Christmas Carol bus with the Stangers and Andersons

Jihan taught Annie to snowboard

New car for Lucas and it might just be sexist! It came with two keys, the main key with the sticker of a male on it and the spare with a sticker of a female!:

Snowmageddon in Seattle! Brew in the snow:

Luke’s first solo:

In tradition they cut off the back of his shirt after his solo!

Alphabet Tree foliage for Family and Friends tree:

Jihan’s goes to Ol’ St. Louis for work:

My sweet Valentine: Luke spent all day cooking, Beef Bourguignon, best roasted potatoes and homemade apple pie.  When walking into the house I was greeted with our song playing, an enormous bouquet of flowers and our vows canvas (thanks Lisa!).  He just warms my heart:

Softball season back in full swing:

Belize, nothing but good things can be said about this trip:

Playtime with the pup:

Sister’s trip to Vancouver, B.C. :

Wow ok, we have certainly been keeping busy and been having fun doing it!  I have to say so far it has been easy enjoying married life!

Laundry Sorter – It’s ridiculous I know

13 Nov

So I don’t know how it is at your living quarters but we tend to amass a large pile of laundry in the corner of our room before we finally muster to courage to tackle the challenge.  Oh and socks, I should mention socks here because doesn’t it always seem like there is one missing after each load?

Well my first attempt at solving some of our laundry issues I think was a successful one.  I grabbed a small wicker basket I had been using for odds and ends in the bathroom and re-purposed it into our new socks and underthings only basket.  Although this is a small adjustment, wow what a difference it made!  No more missing socks and the whole sock sorting issue became easy, did I mention that Luke goes through a lot of socks in week, like a lot.

So while this solved the sock issue it didn’t help with our large pile of other laundry that would grow and grow.  This one took me a while to really decipher what the root cause of this was and I decided what it really came down to was sorting and determining the load size.  So the fix?  A four compartment laundry system!  To help us keep track of sorting I made some clay birds and painted them!  Blackbird for darks, red cardinal for brights (altough we realize reds go with the darks, it was the only cookie cutter I had :) ), White dove for whites and a yellow hummingbird for the delicates.  The little compartments are so easy to grab and dump right into our washer, who knew that have a sorting system would help us get our laundry loads done?!



Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

We had a wonderful evening celebrating Halloween with a wonderful homemade dinner with friends.  On the menu? Deviled Eggs (made very last minute just because), Mummy Meatloaf wrapped in noodles, lightly cheesed broccoli and homemade pumpkin pie (I made the crust with ginger snap cookies and even made the pumpkin purree from scratch!)